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Green Roof Education & Project Consulting

Green Roof Education & Project Consulting

Green Roof Education & Project ConsultingGreen Roof Education & Project Consulting


University of Saskatchewan green roof research. Watch for updates here soon! 

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Michael Molaro is an accredited Green Roof Professional (GRP) ​and Principal of Higher Groundwork HortiCulture. In addition to fulfilling GRP training and examination, Michael has completed other related courses including Advanced Green Roof Maintenance, Introduction to Rooftop Urban Agriculture, Integrated Water Management for Buildings and Sites, and Green Infrastructure Projects, Performance and Policies. Prior to​ ​his many years at the University of Saskatchewan he worked in architectural practices in Edmonton Alberta and Saskatoon Saskatchewan.​

During Michael's latter years on campus he developed and managed the Office of Sustainability where one of his passions became green roofs in 2005. Given his project experience he can assure local owners, design professionals and builders that green roofs can work well in our region and provide numerous benefits. Michael also realizes the importance of urban agriculture and has personal and research experience in growing rooftop herbs and vegetables.

Michael has served on numerous committees and boards including the Saskatoon Environmental Advisory Committee and Roadmap ​​​​​​Saskatoon and he also helped found the Saskatchewan Chapter of the Canada Green Building Council.



The regional climate here has historically been one of the most variable on the planet (to date). Our rather harsh environment effectively forced those that came before us to be creative people. Being creative involves taking some risks of course and unfortunately in many professions, making 'mistakes' is most often to be avoided at all costs and yet the consensus is learning from our mistakes is among the most effective ways of learning. 

Creativity is a prerequisite for effective change and there will be no greater need for it than in dealing with climate change and an overpopulated world. Forms of required adaptation have already been thrust upon us and well, it's early days..

Higher Groundwork HortiCulture was established to help improve the regional understanding of green roofs and rooftop agriculture in order to address issues ranging from improving storm water management to producing urban food. We want to help land and facility owners, developers, designers and builders be creative and become confident and successful in implementing new solutions. We support incentives and policy improvements through awareness and education and engagement. 

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